Mobile Deposit

Deposit Checks in a Snap

With First Bank & Trust’s Mobile Deposit, you can deposit checks when it’s convenient for you! No more trips to the bank – and no lost lunch hour. Simply download our iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ Mobile App, log in, and then select "Deposits" from the fly-out menu to enroll. Depositing checks is now as easy as a snap of your smartphone or iPad!

Stuff You Need to Know

  • Personal Banking Customers
    • You need to be enrolled in Digital Banking in order to use Mobile Apps. If you’re not enrolled, it is free to do so – sign up today!
    • You must be enrolled in Mobile Deposit to deposit checks. Enroll today using our iPhone®, iPad®, or Android Mobile App.

  • Business Banking Customers

Mobile Deposit FAQs
  • Who is eligible to use Mobile Deposit?

      Any First Bank & Trust Digital Banking customer is eligible to use Mobile Deposit.

  • Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?

      No! Mobile Deposit is free to use.

  • What kind of device can I use?
  • How can I start using Mobile Deposit?

      To get started, enroll in Mobile Deposit. If using an Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad, download our mobile app, log in, and then select “Deposits” from the fly-out menu.

      Please note: Mobile Deposit is a function within First Bank & Trust’s Digital Banking. Android smartphone users and iPhone and iPad users will need to download the Mobile App and complete the enrollment process when prompted.

  • How do I use Mobile Deposit?

      Simply log in to our Digital Banking app then choose ‘Deposit.’ You will be prompted to take a picture of the front and back of the check, type the dollar amount to deposit, and choose the account where you want it deposited.

  • What types of accounts can I deposit into?

      Deposit into any checking, savings, or money market account tied to your Digital Banking.

  • Is there a limit to the number of checks I can deposit?

      Yes, 25 checks per day or month, whichever happens first, is the maximum number of checks that can be deposited with Mobile Deposit.

  • Is there a maximum dollar amount for Mobile Deposit?

      Yes, $5,000 per day or month, whichever happens first, is the dollar limit for Mobile Deposit.

  • What should I do with the paper check after depositing?

      Securely store the paper check for 60 days after the date of deposit. After the 60 days, please shred the check.

  • When will I have access to the funds deposited?

      If the deposit is submitted before 5 p.m., you generally will have access to use those funds the next business day.

  • Should I endorse the check before depositing?

      Yes, the check must be endorsed in order for the deposit to be accepted.

  • Can I un-enroll from Mobile Deposit?

      Yes! Simply contact your banker or call us at 800.843.1552.

  • How will I know if there was a problem with my mobile deposit?

      You will receive an email notification indicating whether the deposit was successful or not.

We do not charge a fee for Mobile Banking. However, please be aware that standard messaging and data rates from your cell phone provider may apply. iPad and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.