Online Banking

Access Your Accounts Anytime, Anywhere

Paying bills, checking balances, and transferring funds is about to get a lot easier. Sign up for Digital Banking and manage your accounts on demand. With guarded password protection and steadfast security measures, you can confidently start managing your accounts electronically, without worry or hassle. 


  • Access account information
    • View current transactions
    • View images of checks and paper items that have cleared
    • View transaction history for up to six months
    • View next loan payment amount and due date
    • Option to enroll in Online Statements
  • Transfer funds*
    • Transfer funds between checking and savings accounts
    • Make payments to loan accounts from checking and savings; specify as regular, principal-only, or interest-only payments
    • Set one-time transfers immediately or at any time in the future
    • Schedule recurring transfers weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly
  • Download account information
    • Download transaction and balance information into financial management software (such as Quicken® or Microsoft® Money), a document or a spreadsheet
  • Pay bills with free Online Bill Pay
    • Use eBills to automatically pay bills you receive every month, and electronically file your billing statements.
    • Send money to an individual electronically using Person-to-Person payments.
    • Set email or text message alerts to remind you of payment dates.
  • Manage your finances in one place with our free Money Manager tool
    • Track and monitor account activity through alerts
    • Categorize transactions
    • Create budgets and financial goals
    • View your income, expenses, and cash flow in a snapshot
    • View your net worth
    • For more information on Money Manager, please see our user guide and FAQs. To enroll, login to Online Banking, choose the Money Manager tab, and complete the enrollment process. 
  • Customize your account to display your most important information
    • Make Online Banking your own with customizable screens called My View (you can even make it your landing page when you login)
    • Change how your page looks and functions by adding, deleting, or editing widgets.

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Online Bill Pay

Make payments, track payments, and manage your bills all in one place with free Online Bill Pay.

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Online Statements

Keep track of your finances without the hassle of filing papers. Online Statements can be accessed easily through Online Banking.

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Automatic Fund Transfers

Set your money to automatically transfer and you know it will be where you need it, when you need it. Whether one-time or recurring, automatic transfers are free.

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Enroll in Online Banking

Access your bank accounts anytime, from anywhere. Enroll in Online Banking at First Bank & Trust.

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*Consumer funds may be transferred only between accounts within the bank.