Private Banking

A Personal Approach to Managing Wealth

You may have accumulated your assets over a long career, through entrepreneurial endeavors, or through inheritance. Regardless, your accounts deserve personal attention—the kind that can only be delivered by your own private banker.

Your private banker is your one point of contact connecting you with a team of experts in investments, trusts, and wealth management. And our team will take care of all your needs. Your private banker will even coordinate with your personal lawyer or CPA as needed.

We know how valuable your time is. And you don’t have to spend it managing all aspects of your wealth. Skip the normal banking routine and work directly with a dedicated specialist. Enlist one of our private bankers to meet your financial needs where you are, whenever you need them—office or home, day or night.


  • High-yield personal checking with no minimum balance
  • High-yield personal money market with a qualifying balance
  • Free nationwide use of all ATM machines (If you get charged by another bank, we’ll refund that charge to you. No receipts needed. No limits.)
  • Free Digital Banking with payments to businesses and individuals
  • Free personal checks
  • All hours access to one of our private bankers
  • Reduced rates on all personal loans
  • Reduced rates on residential real estate loans for primary and vacation homes
  • Access to a team of experts in managing assets for individuals with high net worth

Available only in Sioux Falls.